Dave Pfannenstein Memorial Trophy

Vermont Amateur Championship


“Dave Pfannenstein Memorial Trophy”

Established in 2020, the Dave Pfannenstein Memorial Trophy will be given each year to the winner of the Vermont Amateur Championship in memory of Dave Pfannenstein who lost his life to the COVID-19 Virus.

Dave was well known throughout the state of Vermont having served as a Golf Professional at several Golf Clubs within the State. His dedication to golf was unparalleled. He loved to teach anyone about the game but especially junior golfers. His professionalism in all that he did with the game was paramount. He made sure that others came first and wanted the experience in golf to be positive no matter what level of an individual’s ability.As Executive Director of the Vermont Golf Association from 2012 through 2018, Dave applied his passion for golf in every aspect which the responsibility required. He always felt that anything he did reflected on him personally, and ensured what was presented was done at a highly professional level. He lifted the VGA to new heights during his tenure as Executive Director and all of those who participated in competitions or were involved in the VGA highly respected Dave and were the beneficiaries of his commitment.Dave’s was committed to ensuring that all events were presented in such a way that participants went away with a positive experience. But for Dave, the VGA’s most premier event was the Vermont Amateur Championship. His vision was wanting all competitors playing the Amateur to feel as if they were playing as close to a professional event as he could present, he succeeded!!!

This trophy embodies what it means to be dedicated to this game and sets the example about what it means to “Grow the Game”. This trophy is a way to ensure Dave’s legacy will continue to be recognized for the contributions he made to this wonderful game of Golf.