Tommy Fest – 2018

Tommy Fest
Date:    July 7, 2018
Time:    2:00 pm
Place:  1047 Pikes Falls Rd
Jamaica, Vermont

Bring:    perennial and potluck

Please join friends and family of Tom Morris for the first, of hopefully many, 
                                         Tommy Fest
Lots of music, food and oh so much love!!!

Tommy’s garden overlooks his treasured Ball Mountain Brook, we will plant a big red tree for him there.  Please bring a favorite perennial plant tree or shrub to add the beauty of your heart into his garden.

Please bring your musical instruments too!!!

Please note:  Due to Nancy Jean’s issues with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities please avoid wearing perfume, scented lotion, bath products, hairspray or any scent that lingers

FYI, Febreeze and fabric softeners contain multiple carcinogenic neurotoxins (just a little NJ “soap” box since she is your canary in the coal mine)!!!